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Review our categories of services listed below, available to meet your needs.  Please fill out the contact form below and submit if you are interested in any of the services.  You may also call at 559-432-1088 and a clinician will return your call within a few minutes or the hour, during normal business hours.  You may also Get in Touch by send a note from the contact page.  

Chart Review Service, a service to help give you a peace of mind, a necessary second opinion.  It includes a professional review of records, school records, structured symptom inventories, completed test reports, or psychological-educational reports.  This service helps parents and others receive a second opinion of test results that have already been completed. 

It is an economical way to obtain a second opinion.  A personal consultation is included, in person or by phone.  A written summary report is provided for your records.  All records and/or test information should be mailed or delivered to our office.  Fee is discussed on a case by case basis.  Obtain a peace of mind, call our office or submit your request with the form below.  You will receive our fee schedule for your charts.  A clinician will call in a few minutes or within the hour, during normal business hours.   Distant chart review is also available.

A second opinion is required to:
a) Give a peace of mind that the test results address the client's presenting problem.
b) Insure the diagnosis is reasonable given the test results reported. 
c) Services being provided are adequate, consistent with the what the person needs.
d) Determine if additional important services are needed, that have not been obtained.
e) Diagnostic issues were not ignored, as reported by the test scores.

Parent Coaching Services, is designed to reduce your stress as a parent in the parenting of your child.  In addition, stress reduction for the child is also an important goal.  Your specific family circumstances will be assessed.  After the assessment, specific suggestions will be offered to meet your specific circumstances.  Weekly guided coaching sessions are available to monitor your progress and fine tune your use of the techniques.  Distant guided parent coaching is also available.

Case Management Services, to help reduce parent/guardian stress by representing your child's diagnosed needs with community resources.  Case management could help insure timely services are provided smoothly, reducing child stress, parent and family stress.  Coordination of services could include consulting, conferencing with schools, physicians, teachers, and other mental health professionals on you behalf.  Distant case management is also available. 

School/Agency Services, school staff will directly receive test results and a written report for their school or agency use (SST, IEP, 504, tri-annuals, manifestation determination, second opinion, or other school/agency needs).  The cost estimate for our testing service is 45% - 75% off your current school budget for your required individualized testing. 

Advantages of Services:  1. We do the busy work, allowing you to assign staff to other important duties.  2. You could ask us to test as few as one student, or several.  Services are available on call.  3. The cost of an assessment is limited to the specific service you want.  4.Testing is done when you decide, the schedule is determined by you and your school/agency needs.  5. Further price reductions available if more than 1 test order is received.  6. More benefits are availalbe, feel free to call or submit form below with a question or your request.  7. Distant schools, can also have a savings of 45% - 70% on their required individualized testing requirements.  8. We also provide our expertise with consolation services. You may call 559-432-1088 for more information and/or Get in Touch by sending us note request from contact page:

Consultation Services, spanning the multidisciplinary fields of education, special education & mental health, tailored to your specific needs, are also available to your school or agency.  1. These services are pay as you use the service and are easily negotiated.  2. Any and all communication between FBH and school/agency is protected under usual  confidentiality obligations, afforded to other professional relations and contracts.  
3. You only pay for the consultation service.  3. As with the testing service, payment is not made for any other benefits.  4. Consolation can be accomplished economically with telecommunications and span geographical locals, i.e., use of internet, email, phone conference.  On site consultation is also available.  5. Wide range of consultation topics are available, depending on your specific needs, spanning the multidisciplinary fields of mental health & many aspects of education/special education.  Distant consultation is also available.

Family & Individual purchase:  Parents and families may receive all the services on this page.  Parents or guardians may submit their request by calling also, or filling out the registration form on the Registration-Appointment page.

Psychological-Educational Tests:  IQ, cognition, memory skills, reasoning, academics, visual motor; rule out other disabling conditions; screen for emotional behavioral issues, with report.  Meet requirements for a special education initial, tri-annual and Manifestation Determination evaluation.

Learning Disability Assessment, for Elementary, High School, Adults/Work/College.

ADHD Testing-Screening, Children thru Adults, differential diagnosis, rule out ADHD from learning problems, emotional or behavioral factors.

For individuals, to help obtain 504 Accommodations, in school, college, work place.

All assessments supervised by a Licensed Educational Psychologist.