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We provide different levels and kinds of psychotherapy.  Use of therapy is designed to meet individual needs of our clients.  The type of counseling used could also change with the changing needs of a client. 

To insure complete patient care, we may refer our clients to other health care providers, physicians, psychiatrists, or other psychotherapists.  We receive referrals as well from insurance companies, physicians, psychiatrists, and others. 

Service are available to a wide range of individuals, families and couples.  Young children are served, as well as adolescents. Many of our clients are adults whose age may range from 18 to seniors.  Relationships and families are now made up of diverse populations and arrangements.  We look forward to providing services to all our clients.  If we are not able to help, we will assist with a referral to another health care provider.


Our services include 

behavioral health assessments and educational-psyhological diagnostics.  Consultation is available for ADHD and learning disabilities. IEE, Independent Educational Evaluations, are also provided.

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Behavioral Health. Caring for one's behavioral health is one of the most important things that could be done.

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​Statewide Telehealth

HIPPA Compliant

Video Conferencing 

In addition to usual office visits, we provided online video therapy and services.  Our services are available for any location in California, in the comfort of your home or office.  We provide the HIPPA compliant format.  All you need to receive services from us is your smart phone or computer.  Many insurance plans accept online video therapy,  as a billable service.   Distance is no longer an issue to receive services from our office.  We look forward to providing you with assistance regardless of your location.